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  • In order to help stakeholders have a better understanding of China Life’s corporate sustainability developments and performance, we compile and publish the CSR report on an annual basis. We therefore sincerely encourage you to express your thoughts that will give us your valuable opinions and suggestions, so as to help us understand the topics you care about, thereby help us improve our information disclosure in the future.

    Stakeholders’ concerned topics and feedbacks

    Dear friend,
    China Life cares about stakeholders’ requests and is proactively collecting suggestions from all sorts of parties, in order to help us provide better services. With that, please spend some time completing the following questionnaire. Thank you.

    What is your relationship to China Life
    Governance (Please tick the box that best indicates the degree of your concern about the sustainable issue.)
    Sustainability strategy
    The Company’s corporate sustainability strategies including the Company’s short-, mid- and long-term goals and fulfilment of the economic, environmental and societal fronts, to carry out the concrete measures and actions related to economic, environmental and social sustainability
    Corporate governance and ethical management
    The Company’s corporate governance practice including management of investor relations, roles/functions of board of directors, establishment of guidelines/regulations, and operations of different functional committees, prevention from corruption and bribery in enterprises’ operations, alongside internal control
    Legal compliance
    The Company’s performance in legal compliance, law advocacy, participation in policies with public organizations, as well as disclosure of material events in terms of environmental protection, products, and labor related regulations
    Risk management
    The Company’s identification of possible risks for operations, as well as relevant control mechanism such as risk monitoring, alert, stop-loss mechanism, and crisis management; along with identification of possible improvement opportunities
    Enterprise image and reputation
    The Company’s display of business philosophy, values, corporate culture and brand concept as well as the overall impression the Company aims to convey to the general public
    Business performance
    The Company’s business strategies including business performance, financial information, operating cost, residual allocation as well as development strategies regarding crucial technologies and product development
    Responsible investment
    The Company’s assessment of investment decisions including the incorporation of corporate governance, environment, and society-related topics and performance, such as avoidance of investing in high pollution, high energy consumption, high controversy and/or sensitive industries
    Supply chain sustainable management
    The Company’s management mechanism regarding suppliers and procurement, such as procurement strategies, suppliers’ ranking, auditing system and complaint mechanism; this also includes assessment of suppliers’ environmental and social impact
    Information security and personal data protection
    The Company’s management and practice regarding its protection of information security and clients’ privacy, including the approval of international standards and relevant legal compliance
    Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT)
    The Company’s management policies, response measures, education & training as well as legal compliance related to AML/CFT
    Environmental (Please tick the box that best indicates the degree of your concern about the sustainable issue.)
    Green finance
    The Company’s actions and performance regarding management policies alongside dedicated department and staff members when promoting green finance management policies, including investment and participation in renewable energy, green energy and circular economy related projects
    Climate change response and environmental management
    The Company’s response measures regarding risks and opportunities caused by climate change; the Company’s policies, management and consumption, green gas emission and carbon-emission related measures in compliance with its energy resource (including water, electricity and paper) policies
    Green procurement
    The Company’s procurement policies and goals regarding the products with eco-label, energy saving or low pollution products
    Green process and service
    The Company’s adoption of green operation management by launching mobile insurance, e-insurance policies and e-notification for internal procedures and external services
    Social (Please tick the box that best indicates the degree of your concern about the sustainable issue.)
    Labor recruitment, training and retention
    Employment, policies and measures regarding talent recruitment, employee training, education and development, training plans, and assistance in career path development provided by the Company
    Worksite health and safety
    The Company’s management measures and policies related to occupational safety and hygiene, including maintenance for worksite safety, risk management of occupational disasters, solutions for employee health management as well as health check-ups
    Labor relations
    Two-way interaction and communication between the Company and employees, in order to bring about positive dialogue and communication, which will be reflected in operations and performance of communication methods and complaint mechanisms
    Employee remuneration and benefits
    Employee remuneration, benefits & reward and employee caring mechanism provided by the Company
    Diversification, human right and equality of employees
    The Company’s encouragement of workplace diversity, promotion of human rights, alongside policies and actions regarding work opportunity equality, including advocacy of anti-discrimination and equal pay for equal work
    Disaster assistance and emergency relief
    The Company’s resources in emergency aid and relevant long-term plans to assist policyholders in handling the disasters caused by man-made factors or climate change
    Social participation
    The Company’s engagement in social participation and community development, including education empowerment, poverty alleviation, eco-friendly and community development
    “Treating Customers Fairly” principle
    The Company’s performance of customer relationship management such as offering of customer services, communication of product marketing, improvement of service quality, and operation of complaint mechanisms
    Inclusive finance
    The Company’s plans and practice of product development & design, product labeling and marketing communication in order to improve financial products’ availability, usability and quality, which take society’s needs into account, such as providing needs for the disadvantaged
    Digital finance and innovation
    The Company’s management and performance in terms of launching digital finance and FinTech services, such as internet insurance, biometrics, as well as blockchain and AI technologies

    If you have further thoughts or comments on China Life’s corporate sustainability development, please leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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