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  • As society places more emphasis on environment protection, consumer behavior and provision of financial products and services has changed. China Life continues to refine and simplify its operating procedures in different stages of its insurance policy life cycle to provide green and environmentally friendly service. The Company aims to achieve GHG reduction from paper, postal services, and transportation via digital marketing tools, electronic forms and service platforms, and digital management.

    Environment Management

    In following the Company’s environment and energy management strategies, China Life continues to conduct GHG inventory review, and has implemented environment and energy management systems. The Company adopts a systematic approach in achieving comprehensive environment-related resource management. China Life’s “Environment Protection Committee” consists of 9 functional supervisor members1, and is responsible for compiling and amending the committee charter, the Company’s environment protection-related rules and regulations, as well as the monitoring of the results of the Company’s energy saving and carbon reduction, waste management, environment hygiene, environment protection measures. In 2022, two meetings were held to review the results of environment protection measures, and the Company continues to adopt green purchasing, climate change response, environment management, and energy saving & carbon reduction as its three main sustainability promotion topics.

    GHG management

    Since 2015, China Life’s head office and branch offices have conducted GHG inventory. For 2020, the inventory was expanded to include all branch offices, with all oversea offices included by 2022.

    Aside from expanding the inventory review, the scope of the inventory was enlarged in 2018 to include type 3, 4, 5, 6: petroleum, diesel, energy, waste, employee business trips, transportation of printing paper, maintenance and repair of leased printing machines, postal packages, postal receipts. China Life will continue to monitor inventory results, file relevant data to use as references for GHG.

    Energy Use Management

    To promote energy saving goals across the company’s different workplaces, 2022 will be used as the base year for the promotion of future worksites. China Life maintain and repair apparatus of existing office buildings and review energy expense of old apparatuses – e.g. a/c ventilation in lowering energy expense. Moreover, the Company will promote green working habits and review space use efficiency of its agent offices. In 2022, a total of NT$13 million invested in updating company-owned old a/c ventilation systems.

    China Life’s head office relocated to the group’s HQ building in 2022, with ISO 50001 energy management system implemented to the used office floors. The system is a third-party verified system that can improve energy control measures, optimize activation, achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, ensuring effective energy use.