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  • Insurance is an industry that helps others help themselves. Its main function is to combine the masses to provide protection and transfer risk, and the same goes for social welfare. China Life combined the group's resources and invested time and manpower to help the disadvantaged become independent, lending a helping hand to those in needs, and jointly achieving sustainability and better society.
    Therefore, China Life's goal when developing a sustainable society is creating a "mutually beneficial society." We not only pursue our own interests, but also the interests of the next generation, and uphold the life insurance industry's spirit of being "people-oriented." The spirit of altruism is our original intention and we partner with like-minded charity organizations and social enterprises to create a powerful force for good, bringing hope and light to even more people.

    First Customized Socks to Help People with Intellectual Disabilities Become Independent

    Donations to Protect the Disadvantaged and Fulfill Our Responsibility to Sustainability

    China Life extended care for policyholders to corners of society in need, and launched the event "One policy one love, passing on hope and sharing love," which invited policyholders to donate to charity. For each insurance policy that becomes effective, China Life donates NT$100 to Maria Social Welfare Foundation, helping persons with disabilities gain a comfortable home for healthy aging. China Life's employees also made donations and took action to show love, giving Taiwan's society a meaningful blessing as China Life prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary by donating a total of approximately NT$4 million.