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  • Update on the Company's Ethical Management

    The Company has established an “Ethical Management Committee” in promoting ethical business operations. The operation and execution of the Ethical Management Committee is as follows:

    1. I.Report to the BOD on the Company’s ethical management status on a yearly basis.
    2. II.In order to prevent conflict of interest or unethical actions, the Company has compiled the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles”, “Ethical Corporate Management Conduct Guideline”, “Procedures for Reporting Illegal, Immoral, or Unethical Behavior,” clearing stating whistleblowing report channels as well as relevant protection measures for the whistleblower.
    3. III.Quantitative data regarding effectiveness of the Company’s ethical management has been disclosed on the Company website under the following webpage: Home / Sustainability / Resources / Corporate Policies And Regulations / Ethical corporate management page. 
    4. IV.China Life’s illegal, immoral or unethical action report channel:
      • 1. Paper copy mail box: No. 122, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City

        (Recipient: China Life Insurance Legal Compliance/Please mark as “confidential”)

      • 2. Whistleblowing by email: whistleblower@chinalife.com.tw
      • 3. Report hotline: (02)8712-5192
      • 4. Report in person
    5. V.China Life’s Ethical Management Training:
      Every year, China Life conducts ethical management training for both office staff members and sales agents. In 2020, all of the Company’s office workers completed the legal regulation training for 2020. The training content included the corporate ethical management and morals, prevention of insider trading (including insider trading laws, conditions and civil & criminal responsibilities) as well as whistleblowing systems, PI protection and human rights. In addition, China Life conducted 2020 law training for all of its field workers. Contents of the training include sales quality training, ethical management and morals, prevention of insider trading as well as whistleblowing systems. A total of 15,027 employees underwent training, with a total of 17,423 training hours.