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  • China Life established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in 2014 and renamed it the Sustainable Development Committee in 2021. China Life restructured the Sustainable Development Committee into a functional committee under the Board of Directors in March 2023 to enhance its supervisory and sustainability management functions. The Company has launched innovative corporate sustainability programs from a broader perspective, displaying the Company’s determination to achieve sustainable development. Sustainable development is considered in business decisions and routine operations through supervision by the Board of Directors.

    ▼Sustainable development organization structure and duties

    Sustainable Development Committee members

    Chairman Su-Kuo Huang
    Directors Stephanie Huang, Stefano Paolo Bertamini, Jenny Huang, Shih-Chieh Chang (Independent Director), Hsin-Hui Yen (Independent Director)

    Sustainable Development Committee Responsibilities

    • Revise the Sustainable Development Policy and Sustainable Development Best Practices.
    • Determine the annual plan and strategic direction for sustainability development.
    • Approve sustainability projects and activity plans.
    • Monitor and review the implementation effectiveness of the annual plan, strategic direction, projects, and activity plans for sustainability development.
    • Periodically review sustainability reports.
    • Decide on other sustainability-related matters assigned by the board of directors.

    ▼China Life's Sustainable Development Milestones