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  • Digital Banking Strategy Blueprint

    China Life has invested considerable resources into digital and data infrastructure to push forward accelerate digital in response to the trend of FinTech. We compiled a data-driven, experience first, comprehensive development strategy blueprint "2A2D, AI/Agile/Data/Digital Innovation," eliminating the stereotype of technology being cold, and using innovative technologies to provide services from the heart. China Life strives to become a representative life insurance company in the field of InsurTech.

    "China Life i-Life" App

    The Company upholds the philosophy of being "customer-centric" and launched "convenient self-service," "immediate access to history," and "lifestyle of abundance and health" at the start of 2022, creating an experience that includes policy services, reminders, and health management through the digital communication platform – "China Life i-Life" app that provides customers with convenient and easy digital insurance services.

    The "China Life i-Life" app provides nearly a hundred functions, including policy inquiry, policy change, payment, claims application, policy loan, push notifications, and health management. The app embeds health management and lifestyle information into customer services through cross-sector cooperation. If customers need to seek medical attention or receive a health examination, they can use the consultation services and exclusive health examination plan of cooperating hospitals. We also extended from policy services to health and lifestyle services, and expanded the breadth and depth of customer services to meet different needs in their life journey.

    Fully Digital Claims

    China Life created an ecosystem with strategic alliance partners that have an expertise in medicine, academics, technology, finance, and insurance to offer a new experience in terms of doctor-patient relationships and customer services. We linked the medical data of Chi Mei Medical Center through the digital platform of National Cheng Kung University, which effectively reduces the delay in claims caused by uploading photos of medical documents that are not clearly taken, optimizing the claims process by reducing manual operations and paper operations. The integrated claims service allows customers to enjoy the healthcare experience and innovative services brought by the combination of healthcare with technology and insurance.